Why Hotmail Is Still Loved by Millions--Even Though Gmail Exists

 The question of why Hotmail is still loved by millions, even though Gmail exists is a complicated one. For starters, email has never been an instant-gratification medium; users have to wait for their messages to send and receive. Secondly, it's just not as "cool" anymore--it seems that people are gravitating towards newer services like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp because they offer more features than the traditional email protocol.

Why Hotmail Is Still Loved

However, there are some key reasons why many people still choose Hotmail over other options:

Security - With all of the news about data breaches in recent years (especially with Yahoo!), security is at the forefront of our minds these days. We want to be sure that we're taking all of the necessary precautions to protect ourselves.

Hotmail boasts a number of security features, like its two-step verification and other password protection options that make it more difficult for hackers to access your account without permission. It also offers less lucrative targets--most people sign up with their work email address or Gmail, which gives them easier access to a company's data or personal information.

Maintaining privacy is also a big factor for some people; Gmail doesn't offer the same level of anonymity that Hotmail does--all messages are automatically sent to your main inbox, and there isn't an option for private email addresses like there used to be with Yahoo! Mail.

Lastly, Hotmail's interface is sometimes easier to navigate than Gmail. The newest version of the service has a menu on the left side that provides easy access to various folders, which can be helpful for those who use labels extensively.

Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference--and if you're happy with your current email provider and don't need any of the extra features that Gmail offers, there's no need to change.

Features of Hotmail Italy

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